Who We Are

Welcome to the Desi Breakfast Club, the first halal breakfast restaurant in Virginia! Desi means Southeast Continent, and we take that as meaning Community. Our food is meant to be shared with those you love and enjoyed together. Our story is the same as many others; we were just an immigrant family carving out a piece of the American dream for ourselves while keeping our neighbors fed and happy. Our love for our community and food grew, and now we’re proud to offer Pakistani and Indian breakfast, brunch, and sandwiches. We also cater to the Northern Virginia and DMV area.

Even though all meals of the day are extremely important, the most important one is breakfast—or as we call it in Urdu, “Nashta.” Pakistan is famous for many things, but its food is unparalleled. Pakistanis are true foodies in all meanings of the word, and we are excited to share the unique taste of India and Pakistan with you at Desi Breakfast Club.

We proudly serve breakfast every day and have a variety of lunch options that are great any time. Our menu is completely halal and easy to order online. You can also count on us for catering for your next event! Get in touch with us about any questions you have about our menu or services, and we will be glad to assist you. Come share “Nashta” with your friends and family at Desi Breakfast Club today!